About MicroVet

MicroVet is an affordable, non invasive, easy to use device that is used to kick start and accelerate the natural healing process in soft tissue.
MicroVet relies upon two very distinct, but equally important, processes;       


How does it work?

Tendons, are not given a moments thought until they go wrong – and when they do become damaged, as many athletes and horse owners will testify, it is a huge problem resulting in time off from competition.

A tendon injury for a competition horse or racehorse paints an extremely bleak future for horse owners but particularly the apparent lack of coherent treatment regimes      MORE >

How to use MicroVet

The modern application of an ancient practice, Micro-current, the first of two component parts which together have been proven, in humans and in horses, to restore full function to severely damaged structures, in a fraction of the accepted time and with a far better outcome.        MORE >

What can MicroVet treat?

MicroVet has been used successfully to treat:

  1. Damage to tendons and ligaments
  2. Damage to muscle
  3. Damage to bone
  4. Scar reduction / elimination  -  including that caused by firing
  5. Tying up
  6. Sore back
  7. Sore shins
  8. Shin Splints     MORE >