The following are a selection of Testimonials from the Horse and Hound and Manage my Horse forum’s:

"Healed well (Vet was impressed.) and horse back into previous level of work with no issues at all."  Kizzyjerry

"I've  got one (MicroVet) I've used it will great success on an exterior flexor tendon a suspensory ligament and a torn hamstring." Gaz.

"Blimin amazing my horse had a suspensory injury 2 years ago he then started to get  a build up of scar tissue so we tried it on him and happy to say scar tissue visibly reduced."  Jazzyjeff11

Friend of mine used one on her jumping horse which had badly injured tendon. Vets could not believe speed of recovery and mare now back jumping at high level again." Baggyb

"Deep Digital flexor tendon tear.   My mare came in from field 3 months ago, lame, she had a 30% lesion in her ddft . After 6 weeks with MicroVet the lesion had reduced by 10% . My vet was amazed and now offers the MicroVet as an optional therapy."  Treena

I would like to add to the comments about how good MicroVets are, we have a competition yard with 15 eventers. We had 6 MicroVets machines and any lump, bump, strain or sprain we use a machine. In our mind it’s brilliant!"  W.E.H.

I have used MicroVet on my knee where I had anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction the swelling reduced very rapidly. I was impressed and my surgeon could not believe the movement I had in it. Would highly recommend to anyone."  MirandaP

“I bought a MicroVet for my horse with damaged tendons, it healed incredibly well.”  Lorrain Hunt

“The MicroVet is brilliant for healing wounds, growing hair back and reducing scar tissue”   Frances Beach and now our Help Line Specialist.

From the Press

"Be My Royal back from the dead thanks to MicroVet."   Daily Express

"Blown away by speed McKelvey returned to training."  Peter Bowen Racehorse Trainer

"My vet and I were delighted with the rapid rate of recovery."   Trainer Magazine.

"MicroVet brings a new dimension to tendon treatment in three day eventing."   Eventriders .com

"I use MicroVet treatments a lot in the yard on horses before and after their races. It helps eliminate lactic acid."  Peter Bowen Racehorse Trainer


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